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Welcomeer to Legend of theer Greenen Dragon, bork, a browser based roleer perelayingenen game, bork, based onen Seth Able'ses Legend of theer Red Dragon.
Theer current timeer inen MuckDitch ises 1:15 am.
Next new gameer day in: 5h, bork, 41m, bork, 05ses (real time)

Theer newest resident of theer realm is: Redshirt Magik

Today'ses weather ises expected to beer rainy.

Enter your nameer and pereassword to enter theer realm.
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*BETA* Thises ises a BETA of thises website, bork, thingses areer likely to changeer now and again, bork, ases it ises under activeer development *BETA*

Gameer server runningenen veerersion: 1.1.2 Dragonprimeer Edition
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